Nikon versus Canon


Nikon versus Canon, the question of Nikon versus Canon has crossed every entry-level photographer’s mind and remains mainly a personal preference.

Two outstanding photographers with award winning shots can recommend these two different brands, and they’d both be right. When in the market for a DSLR camera, you simply cannot lose if you purchase a Nikon or Canon. So why do some people feel so strongly about either one? Both brands have been fighting for the number one spot for some time now so they both must be doing something right.

Deciding to purchase a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera over a simple point-and-shoot indicates a certain level of professionalism, quality, and creative control is being sought after. Cameras from both of these brands offer professional quality and creative control, for the right price of course.

Neither Nikon nor Canon cameras can be considered more “user-friendly” than the other because they both have so many functions that allow for complete creative control. If you learn how to work your way around the basics of a Nikon camera, chances are you will be just fine shooting with a Canon. There may be some slight differences for navigating around menus but being familiar with one brand is all you really need (basics-wise). Both companies have competing cameras that focus on different skill levels.

Is one better than the other for beginners? Not necessarily. Some people choose one brand over the other for physical looks, how they feel, and how the menus are organized… in other words, minor details that are completely personal.

A DSLR camera from either Nikon or Canon will be a big purchase, and neither brand is significantly more affordable than the other. They both offer professional quality for a professional price. The main spending is usually done with accessories. One of the most important features of DSLR cameras is the fact that you can easily change lenses according to what photographic effect you wish to accomplish. As a general rule, Nikon and Canon products work best with their own cameras. Buying an off-brand lens that is marginally less expensive may cost you in quality and durability. Both brands offer countless different lenses and other accessories. External flashes, tripods, camera bags, etc. are all available.

On a year-to-year basis, one brand will have their latest camera out that will make them seem like the better choice. If you happen to make a decision when this happens, be advised that the brand you didn’t choose will come out with a better camera in the near future. Much like with any top of the line quality brands, Nikon and Canon try their best to outdo each other. With this in mind, do not fall victim to a salesman trying to persuade you towards into brand or the other. They are both equally superior and widely respected in their fields.


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