HDRinstant, extend your HDR Photography


HDRlog announces HDRinstant, the new standalone version of the software originally functioning as a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom. It has many applications but mainly, it has been designed for beginner and enthusiast photographers and videographers.

HDRinstant allows people to take video clips of moving scenes shot under high-contrast lighting and turns them into HDR images using brand new morphing technology.


HDRinstant’s innovative technology allows the user to create a HDR image from video footage. This unique feature is made possible by using the neighboring frames of the photographer’s favorite one.

This magic is quite simple to understand because 100 frames taken at 1/100 of a second is equivalent to 1 frame exposed for one second.

HDRinstant’s anti-ghosting capability removes motion blur when creating HDR images from several frames.

HDRinstant is a standalone program for Windows and Mac and is currently available free of charge as a beta version. Version 1.0 will come with more sliders, tools and presets. A single-user license of the final version 1.0 will be available for $89(US) but it can be pre-ordered for $49 US.

To download the beta, visit http://hdrinstant.com


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