Best Beginner DSLR Cameras

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Digital single-lens reflex cameras, or DSLRs, offer photographers wanting to upgrade from their point-and-shoot camera many advantages. These include better image quality, more control over images and better performance. Today, the market holds many options for beginners who have outgrown their point-and-shoot.

The following cameras offer beginners great tools to improve their photography.

Canon EOS Rebel SL2

The Canon EOS Rebel SL2 offers beginners an excellent tool to improve their photography. It borrows many features from higher-end models but also makes it easy for beginners to grow into the camera. It’s easy to put the camera in auto mode and take photos. At the same time, Canon has given the camera enough features to keep the camera interesting as skills become more advanced.

Best Beginner DSLR Cameras

The camera features the 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor and DIGIC 7 Image Processor deliver brilliantly sharp results, with Dual Pixel CMOS AF keeping your videos and photos in clear focus. It also has a flip-out screen to help when taking photos at awkward angles and has the ability to take photos at five frames per second.

Nikon D3400

The Nikon D3200, like the Rebel SL2, offers beginners a camera they can grow with while not feeling too limited as their skills improve. One distinction that Nikon offers is their popular guide mode. This mode helps users when setting up their camera and helps them choose the settings that will work best depending on what type of pictures they are taking.

Best Beginner DSLR Cameras

The D3400 is cheaper than the Rebel SL2, and it also offers fewer features. The camera shoots five frames per second compared with the Rebel SL2’s six. The build quality is generally viewed as inferior as well. However, it does offer a newer, 24 mega-pixel senor, helping the camera best the Rebel SL2 in image quality.

Pentax KP

For someone who wants pure image quality over any other feature, the Pentax KP is the answer. The camera’s sensor offers 24.2 mega-pixels, it’s equivalent to the Rebel SL2 or D3400.

Best Beginner DSLR Cameras

The Pentax KP also offers an Auto Picture mode to help beginners. Just select the mode and start taking pictures. The camera also bests Canon and Nikon by shooting six frames per second. In addition, the camera offers a high-dynamic-range mode that allows users to take better pictures of scenes with both bright and dark areas.

Mirrorless Cameras

While DSLRs are a great option for many people, a new type of interchangeable-lens camera is gaining in popularity. DSLRs use mirrors to help users use the viewfinder to see through the lens when composing a photo. Mirrorless cameras replace this function by using an electronic viewfinder or the camera’s LCD screen instead.

These cameras keep many of the advantages of DSLRs, such as a large sensor and more control, but they also can be made much smaller because of the lack of a mirror. This also helps keeps the size of lenses down too.

Canon, Nikon and Pentax have all released mirrorless models. However, other camera companies also offer excellent cameras. Sony’s NEX line of cameras is very popular. Micro 4/3 cameras made by Olympus and Panasonic offer smaller cameras and lenses than Sony while maintaining high image quality. Any of these cameras could be right of a beginner.

Making a Decision

Because taking pictures is the only way to improve at photography, the best camera for a beginner is one they will use. If this means having the highest image quality, the Pentax KP may be the best option. If it means having a very light, portable camera, a mirrorless camera may fit the bill.

Different features, ergonomics and designs appeal to different people. So taking the time to handle any cameras that are interesting as that can be very helpful when making a decision about which DSLR is the best choice for you.


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