Nikon Confirms Flagship D5 DSLR Is On The Way


Besides the confirmation of its name and full-frame format, details are scarce. No time-frame, pricing or other details were mentioned. But if ’s recent lineup of pro-level cameras is anything to go off, the future looks bright.

Nikon’s D4 camera is all but an industry standard within the professional world, and its incremental successor, the Nikon D4S, has been equally as prevalent on the sidelines of sporting events and in the hands of photojournalists across the globe.

Although the confirmation of the D5 was the highlight of the announcement, Nikon also introduced a new wireless file transmitter and flagship speedlight.

If history is anything to go off of, there’s a good chance we’ll catch our first glimpse of the D5 in January 2016 at CES. It was there that the D4 was first shown off to the public.

Short, sweet and to the point. That’s the only way to describe Nikon’s latest announcement wherein they confirm they’re working on the Nikon D5, their ’next-generation professional’ camera body.


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