Instagram Sensation Connor Franta shows His Mobile Editing Workflow


In the video, Franta talks about some of the techniques he uses in order to capture an image. Because he likes to use his iPhone, “which is slightly limited,” Franta suggests getting creative by getting low, close, or abstract. When looking for what images to take, he looks for either depth, symmetry, color, or contrast.

After the image is complete, Franta relies on four apps for the majority of his post-processing. The heavy hitter in this is VSCO Cam. Franta uses this app for pretty much the majority of his editing and explains his favorite presets within the app. The next app on the list is Afterlight; this app is mostly used to adjust things such as highlights, grain, and midtowns. From here the image may go into Facetune in order to remove any unwanted objects such as power lines or street signs. The last app on the list is SKRWT, which is used to adjust perspective.

Jason Vinson is a wedding and portrait photographer for Vinson Images based out of Fayetteville Arkansas. He has a passion for street and Olympic lifting. On rare occasions he can be spotted in front of a large plate of bacon and was once referred to as “the most interesting man with a camera”

Yeaaaa and why do I care as someone who takes photography seriously and has just an ounce of what I should be doing, care as to what this pop culture fool thinks is right?


Photo editing is something that is completely subjective and depends on the personal preference of the editor. Pretty much everyone knows this, but despite this fact, people are always interested in how popular photographers get their final results. In this video, we not only get to see how Conner Franta goes about taking his images, but we also get to see which apps he uses to achieve the final result. 



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