Facebook Plans To Scan Photos You Did Not Post And Suggest That You Share Them


Messenger will pop up a push notification within seconds of a user taking a photo that includes their friends. They can send right from the alert, or dig in before deciding to send the photo or ignore the message. Android’s more flexible system architecture means the notifications will always happen instantly. On iOS you might have a few minutes delay if you take a photo of friends but haven’t opened Messenger recently so it’s not running in the background

Privacy and social networks has always been an issue (yup). But this latest experiment from Facebook probably tops any scenario you may have considered as privacy invasion.


A new feature coming that is currently testing in Australia (for android) is called “Photo Magic”. Here is the magic: The Facebook Messenger App will scan your camera roll and will apply a facial recognition software on them. If they find a match they will remind you to send the photo to your friends via the messenger app.


Facebook’s Messenger leader, David Marcus shared this news in a post referring to Techcrunch reporting on the subject. Facebook representative also shared some of the motivation for the move with Techcrunch (anyone mentioned snapchat competition ?):


What we’ve seen is that private sending of photos in Messenger is really popular. About 9.5 billion photos were sent inside Messenger in the last month. It’s growing even faster than Messenger over all, which is growing really fast



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